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 Kyuurin The Ignorant. [WiP]

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PostSubject: Kyuurin The Ignorant. [WiP]   Sun Mar 24, 2013 2:48 pm

Character Template

Name: Sabaku, Kyuurin.
Title: Kyuurin the Ignorant.
Clan: Sabaku. (Will be written about when Clans open)
Gender: Female.
Age: 23.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs

Village: Yukigakure.
Rank: What rank are you?
Primary Element: Suiton.
Secondary Element: Raiton.
Tertiary Element: Doton.

Optional Image Here




Kyuu is seen as a beautiful woman, with lengthy raven hair, feathered out to form a fringe close to her face, accenting her sharp features. Her hair is straight, with razored edges to make it light and layered. Silky and soft, it reaches to the middle of her back, often left down. Kyuu prefers to keep her hair down, as she sees putting it up as an inconvenience. Her eyes, an endless ocean of black seas, are almond shaped and sharp, her eyelashes full and long, reaching the same hues as her own hair, and thin eyebrows that show her every emotion. Her pupils are thin, slender and sharp at it's ends, to accentuate her darkness, seeming as if her eyes are cat-like. Kyuu has luscious lips, decadent, supple, plump, and to a glossy peach colour. Her chin is round and soft appearing, and her ears are elf like, sharp at it's end. On each lobe exists two earrings, a black stud and a silver hoop. Her nose is small, cute and rounded. Kyuu often has a soft frown existing on her face, showing others that she is often without emotion.

Torso/Bottom Half/Clothing

Kyuu is a busty woman, often wearing loose clothing to cover her curves. Her shoulders are rounded and soft, as her neck is built up to caress her head, with an accentuated collarbone and bare skin, with a freckle on her left shoulder blade, known as the only freckle she has. Her body is slender and fair, with a soft milky complexion, her flat stomach and hips often are shown off, her skin staying evenly toned, even with the sun rays gleaming on her clothing. Her hands, are bony, each finger is slender and the nail painted a soft white hue, is seen to those who meet her, as a sign of peace and prosperity. Her thighs add up to her rear, being a curvy woman has it's heights, and as you go further down her legs, they seem to get thinner, her calves almost having no fat, and her feet appearing tiny and delicate. Each toenail is painted with black paint.

Kyuu often clothes herself in loose clothing, as said before, although, underneath these loose pieces, she has tight tank tops or fishnet clothing to cover what is not shown, or for support. Often, she is seen with a trench coat, each sleeve rolled up above her elbows and tight fishnet exposing what she is made of. Her skin is seen, and she covers her breasts with a bandeau like piece, black in colour. She likes to wear short shorts, in an army green, belted with the weaponry or medical equipment she needs. On her feet she likes to keep on ankle length, tight black leather boots, lined with cotton to keep her feet warm in the coldest conditions. In battle, she is seen with much of the same clothing, but with protective padding on her stomach, shoulders, and breasts. Overall, this woman stands at a height of 5'6", about average for a woman her age.

Personality: Kyuu appears to most as a mysterious figure, often boasting with unhappiness and no emotion. She is addicted to her sadism, meaning she is sexually aroused by seeing others in pain. Kyuu is not a real heartwarming person, although she is seductive and is known as the crew's devil for her acts. Although she has others' perspective as this, she is really loving when it comes to her loved ones, and the people she teams up with especially. Knowing herself, she would avoid a fight unless it was completely necessary, completing missions and tasks to her own liking. In a situation of life or death, she obviously prefers to live, but if the task at hand is about somebody she cares about, she would gladly do anything to keep them alive. Kyuu is reckless at times, and won't hold back.

This girl has a habit of biting and licking her lips. Although, even in the coldest conditions, they never go dry. Kyuu often uses her hands while she speaks to add emphasis to her words, or even as gestures towards the person she is speaking to. If needed, she likes to threaten people to get her own way. She is stubborn and relentless - showing that (sometimes) she can only care about herself. Although, in the back of her mind, always exists a certain person that she does it all for.

Kyuu is a tender lady when she wants to be, and can act as if she were just a normal citizen. From all the kills she's attempted, accomplished, or seen in her life, her mind has been corrupted with insanity, but knowing herself, she can be an actress, attempting many different moods and making it seem as if that was her real self. She sees herself as intelligent and strong-willed, especially when she is in possession of a large weapon - personally, she prefers the craziest. Kyuu is known to be selfish at times, and doesn't argue about it. She knows she is like this, but at the same time, she is known to care about others before herself in the means of what modern day people refer to as love.

Hobbies: What are things your character enjoys doing?
Quirks/Habits: What does your character do that makes them unique?
Likes: What are things your character likes?
Dislikes: What are things your character doesn't like?

Equipment: Equipment you carry.

Jutsu: The list of jutsu that you have. Academy techniques are learned automatically and do not count.

History: While describing your history is an entirely optional thing to do, it will improve the overall look of your profile. A brief history may be required to explain how certain techniques came into your possession at what rank you may be, or for other achievements.
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Kyuurin The Ignorant. [WiP]
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