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 Jutsu Scrolls [Canon Techniques]

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PostSubject: Jutsu Scrolls [Canon Techniques]   Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:15 am

Quote :

The very first option for obtaining a technique, in this case, specifically a canon technique, is to purchase a Jutsu Scroll. Jutsu Scrolls are scrolls containing all the information about the technique you'd like to learn, and after purchasing one by the rank of the technique, you can then do a brief training by rank in order to learn the basics of this technique. Once your training has been approved, you're all set to begin using your technique.

Here are the costs:
E-Rank: 100 Ryo, 100 Words
D-Rank: 150 Ryo, 250 Words
C-Rank: 250 Ryo, 400 Words
B-Rank: 500 Ryo, 800 Words
A-Rank: 1000 Ryo, 1200 Words
S-Rank: 1500 Ryo, 1800 Words

Remember that the technique you'd like to buy may not always be available, and you'll have to consult other options in order to obtain it. Additionally, if you don't want to train your technique, you can also follow this buying guide:

E-Rank: 200 Ryo
D-Rank: 400 Ryo
C-Rank: 650 Ryo
B-Rank: 1300 Ryo
A-Rank: 2200 Ryo
S-Rank: 3300 Ryo

All canon techniques that are available to be learned can be found in our library.

Quote :

Another option for making your techniques easier to train is to do the training with a friend. Additionally, if both players are purchasing the same technique to train, they may receive a discount on the training. This also applies to certain conditions such as who you train with. Training with your official Sensei can give you a discount on your training, and also grants special bonuses, such as the rare opportunity for Genin to possibly learn B-Rank techniques and other ranks in similar situations.

Here are the differentiated costs for learning techniques in different circumstances:

Canon: With a Sensei of A-Rank:

Canon: With a Player of Equal or Higher Rank:

Following the guidelines for canon techniques, this is where you'll be purchasing them. The rules above are simply a reminder from the guide to jutsu which can be found in the rules.

Purchase Template

Link to Jutsu: (Using our library.)
Ryo Paying:
Word Count Needed:
Ryo Paid:
Word Count Done:


[b]Link to Jutsu:[/b] (Using our library.)
[b]Ryo Paying:[/b]
[b]Word Count Needed:[/b]
[b]Ryo Paid:[/b]
[b]Word Count Done:[/b]

Only fill out the first three fields when registering for a technique from the Library. Once you're approved, have paid the costs, and can link to the training topic if you needed one (Word Count Done), can you edit your template and then bump it for a final approval.

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Jutsu Scrolls [Canon Techniques]
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