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PostSubject: Site History   Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:52 pm


After the five great villages finished the ninja war, both sides were noticeably weakened. Mainly by casualties, but they still clung to stick with each other. Keeping the alliance...

But in the dark... The minor villages. That were ignored through all the wars, used as a battle ground and controlled. They had more pain than any large village, but no one sympathized with them. And they weren't even welcomed to the alliance... The alliance that claimed to be joined together by the same pain everyone endured.

The endurance that would be broken and replaced by a new world...
It all starts in a almost forgotten land. In the outskirts of the Hidden Snow. - A clan once killed for their ability, rising up in the background. - This clan had left the Hidden Mist many years ago, and turned their back on the Five Great Nations. This clan was full of highly skilled Ice Release users; as well as a second clan which were allied with the Yuki clan, Terumi. A Clan of Boil Release users. The Yuki Clan led the attack head on, using all of the ice in the area against the village, while Terumi used Boil Release to neutralize the weakened Ice Release of the non-natural users in the village.

During this time, the Hidden Grass, known well for their ability to use situations to their advantage, as well as playing the five villages, started to make their own plans, basing it off of the Hidden Snows fall. - The alliance seemed to care not for the minor villages now, allowing them to do whatever they pleased without being watched. - The Hidden Grass gained support of the few Uchiha that were starting to populate, but knew they couldn't return to the leaf after their history. - Senju had also almost but died out in the Hidden Leaf, though a few of them had been scattered. The Hidden Grass used the Senju and Uchiha to their advantage, gaining the support of both and convincing them to break the curse. And letting them believe that they'd be the platform to hold both clans equally... And so the two clans allied within the Grass...

But what of Rain? The mighty Rain... Hurt more deeply than anyone... During the war, several Hyuuga had went rogue, and fled. And ended up in rain... They sought refuge, and offered themselves to the villages system. Knowing leaf was no longer their home. - The few members told of mighty shinobi from Kumogakure who could use Storm Release. - And the council of Rain, knowing they needed someone of Hyuuga standards in power, offered their clan a place permanently on the council. -

Some years pass, and the official "Rebirth" starts. - First with Grass, which easily eradicated Tsuchigakure. The stone buildings survived most of the attack, but by the end of the two day siege, anyone that hadn't changed sides were nothing but ash. Yukigakure also had became gutsy, and decided to take over the entire coastline across from them, for strategic purpose, securing their dominance. Though Yukigakure was someone less malicious as the Hidden Grass, and gave the village a chance to join their side. Many villagers quickly left behind their Kumogakure heritage after the fights started. While most of the villagers went straight to Yukigakure, a handful left completely, fleeing the land. - Including the Storm Release users... Rain sends out Hyuuga to track them down and offer them refuge. And they take it. - Hyuuga and Storm Release are now in Rain. - Grass allies with Yukigakure to make their own 'alliance'. And peace. -

Leaf, expecting revolt, attacks the country they knew had the most hatred for them... The Hidden Rain... - And we all know how it ends... Rain takes over instead. And turns the tides... - Yukigakure and Kusagakure soon follow this new change and offer Amegakure a hand in a new alliance, leading to the three villages we know today.

Another interesting event was sometime later the Yuki clan later came to have a high diplomacy in the Hidden Snow, and when the Boil Release clan rose up, thinking they could defeat them, Yuki put them in their place, and exposed how much more powerful they were. - And proving that Clan Ice Release could beat Boil Release, unlike those who simply could use existing ice.

In most recent history, Yukigakure and Kusagakure have converted their politics to match Rains "Village Council", which started the "Order of Yukigakure", "Order of Kusagakure" and "Order of Amegakure" which consist of the 4 most respected and backed shinobi in the village, aside from the kage. In most cases, in the latter years, this has been clan leaders, as they have an entire clan's support. - Though other famous ninja have been on the council before. - The Three villages also stay in close touch, often sending their Anbu to each others villages to relay messages, such as ensuring the Kage crack down on missing ninja, as it is the job of the village to kill their rogue.
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