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 Availabe Clans

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PostSubject: Availabe Clans   Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:17 pm

(Forewarning: Note this is not permanent. Other clans will be permitted later.)

Alright. Before people jump to conclusions, we didn't choose clans based on preferences. We did polls, and discussed this for quite some time. And we've come up with this.

- Uchiha
- Senju
- Hyuuga
- Eikoku (Our name for Darui's clan; Storm Release)
- Yuki (Haku's Clan, Ice Release)
- Terumi (Boil Release) - Yes, we are finally breaking the chain and allowing this clan on.

--- But there are some guidelines I must briefly go over. Each village only has two clans

The Hidden Grass Village: Uchiha, Senju
The Hidden Rain Village: Hyuuga, Eikoku
The Hidden Snow Village: Yuki, Terumi

Also, for a slightly measure, we've made a system of "Who trumps who", but don't worry, this can be broken. You don't need to cringe at the idea that "Just because I'm Uchiha, Senju will always be better". It's not like that. It just means they have an advantage. Like how Earth is weak to Lightning. Doesn't mean an earth user will lose.

So here's the chart:

Senju> Uchiha> Hyuuga> Yuki> Terumi> Eikoku> Senju

If you're wondering, this is how each clan wins:

The Senju trump Uchiha, not because SOME Senju can use Wood Release, but because the Physical Prowess and Will they gained from the Sage of the Six Paths. - As you have seen, even aside from Tsunade, most Senju have immense strength. Tobirama and Hashirama are both incredibly strong, and the clan itself is noted to be. - Even if the Sharingan can predict your movements, and the Uchiha excel in Taijutsu combat because of it, they are at a disadvantage to that natural strength. And also, they all seem to be skilled in Taijutsu outside of strength as well. So Senju's natural prowess trumps the Uchiha's skill. As for Genjutsu and Sharingan, we've seen that it effects with illusions that can dabble in the opponents mind, and paralyze them with fear. - Unlike the types of Genjutsu that deal with blinding or hearing, this simply uses illusions to cause effect, and the Senju's will would allow them to be very tolerant of Genjutsu of this nature. Though, if one were skilled enough such as Itachi, even the Senju would be at the bottom.

Uchiha and Hyuuga have a strange relationship, as both are very skilled with Taijutsu. But when it comes down to it, we know usually Uchiha would win. But I'll explain; based on the Hyuugas fighting style, Uchiha would be in a pickle, but ultimately the sharingans predictions would help them fend off the gentle palm, and avoid it. - As well, their Ninjutsu naturally surpasses Hyuuga, as Hyuuga usually have Wind Release, and almost all Uchiha use Fire Release.

Hyuuga redeem themselves against Yuki however, where they use their chakra to break up the ice attacks, and destroy them into nothing but a frozen mist. Quite simply, their advantage is surging chakra through the ice to break it. Much like a stone to glass.

Yuki render Terumi useless by freezing the moisture in the acidic gases, and basically neutralizing them. The cold air that comes with Ice Release also makes the gases easier to spot, and see where they are going, giving the clan an advantage.

Terumi and Eikoku honestly gave us a bit of trouble. Because Boil Release and Storm Release are slightly equal, though this came down to the speed of the techniques. - Storm Release is sort of slow in comparison to Boil Release, which is a gas. - Aside from that, the techniques don't really trump each other.

And Finally, Eikoku against the Senju this advantage is mainly against the Wood Release users of the clan. - Storm Release is the result of Lightning and Water, and Wood Release is the result of Water and Earth. The lightning in Storm Release trumps earth completely, and then helps overcome the water portion. Thus giving Storm Release the ability to obliterate Wood Release, by far.
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Availabe Clans
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