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 Kaol Senju Grace Complete

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PostSubject: Kaol Senju Grace Complete   Mon Mar 11, 2013 2:37 am

Character Template

Name: Kaolrama 'Kaol' Grace
Title: Kain
Clan: Senju
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6’3
Weight: 176 lbs

Village: Kusagakure
Rank: Jounin
Primary Element: Wood Release
Secondary Element: Earth Release
Tertiary Element: Water Release

Optional Image Here

Appearance: Standing 6'3 and weighing approx. 176lbs he was a little above the average of those around his age group. He has a fairly lean and muscular body structure. He has black hair, that typically lays long and looks messy with long bangs, and unnaturally black and cold eyes, he has smooth white skin, his eye brows are thin and long. Kaol's nose is straight for the most part and a slightly larger bulge on the end, he has a prominent chin and his face bears no facial hair. In the middle of his forehead, covered by his hair, he had a tattoo of a tribal cross. Kaol has minor scars over his body from being stabbed and slashed but none are too deep or thick to be noticeable enough for detailing. Kaol wears a large jacket with white fur on the necking, underneath he wears a white t-shirt and black jeans that reach down to his ankles, where his black ninja sandals meet with a slight bulge from his pants being a bit longer.

Kaol is a mild mannered person socially, retaining a calm and classy manner when needed but also able to be harsh and skeptical when he feels the need to be. He is friendly and open to people even those he doesn’t know. When dealing with superiors or with those he holds in high respect he reserves his most polite speech patterns. However, when dealing with those of his peers or those younger he’s a bit brash and rude. Kaol, as a bearer of a kekkei genkai he tend to be a bit suspicious of people he doesn’t normally associate with, preferring to keep his hereditary traits and capabilities secretive. He also loves to teach others that come to him for help, especially younger members of his clan what are fresh to the shinobi world, above all he loves his clan and gives his first and foremost duty to his clan’s future. Kaol loves to fight but hates war, killing is ugly and there’s nothing more ugly than an meaningless death. He refuses to fight unless needed to protect his life or his family and friends, he only fights/spar’s using full strength when it bests suits him. Though socially and on paper he’s no genius but when he fights he is a great strategist. Kaol is also not a political person, not being able to handle the stress of being clan head or having a lot of responsibility placed upon him which generally leads to him abandoning or lazing around during his duties or responsibilities.

Hobbies: Training, Eating, Writing Poetry, Sparring.
Quirks/Habits: Kaol tends to laugh a lot and has an old fashion way of speaking. He also tends to demand a fight when he feels awkward.
Likes: Food (Mainly fish meals), Poetry (almost like rap), and Fighting
Dislikes: Death, Politics, Politicians.

Equipment: Equipment you carry.


Water Release: Water Trumpet
Earth Release: Fist Rock Technique
Earth Release: Hiding in Rock Technique

Water Release: Water Fang Bullet
Earth Release: Earth Spear
Earth Release: Earth Style Wall
Wood Release Underground Roots

Earth Release: Light Weighted Rock Technique
Earth Release: Added Weight Rock Technique
Wood Release: Nativity Sea of Trees


Kaol, born Kaolrama Senju, had shortened his name to Kaol, it being easier to pronouce. In the years before and following his birth the greater nations had been dissolved having been wiped out and the Senju clan again tried to rise to the top, continuing their battle with their long rivaled enemies, the Uchiha clan. Kaolrama was born into a fued between the Senju and the Terumi, His father Kannon Senju and his brothers, Ranshirama and Able. Kaolrama was the middle child and Able was the oldest and Ranshirama was the youngest with three years separating them. When at the age of 9 the three of them were fairly educated and experience, Able being 12 had killed multiple people in self-defense and was a strong user of the Mokuton and even taught Kaol how to use mokuton, between the three brothers Kaol and Able had the strongest relationship but they both had the strongest concern for Ranshirama who was 6. On Kaol's first mission, the three of them were sent on a scouting mission through land known to be used by the Terumi for training grounds. When they reached the lands Ranshirama took the lead, since he was the only sensor-type between them, Able took the second position as a defensive fighter, most of his techniques being long to middle range and Kaol at the end as a balanced-type fighter. Though the details were long, in the end the three succeeded but barely escaped with their lives, it was then that Kaol had killed his first shinobi.....someone nearly the same age as him and not as skilled a warrior or as prepared to die. That incident had shaped his entire life, and when he returned he approached Kannon and bluntly refused to go on any mission to which he would need to kill people. Man to his word, Kaol had refused multiple times to undergo any more mission though it angered his father. At the age of 16 Kaol and his brothers were a strong squad and had managed to relay information that allowed for the surrender of the Terumi clan and had them fleeing. But as so much time has passed the clans had began to migrate towards the growing lesser villages, and of course, the Senju managed to associate themselves with the Hidden Grass Village. But as what happens with many feud, they can easily be rekindled, as was the case with the Senju and the Uchiha. Kaol and his brothers were peforming a mission with a jounin of a Kusagakure, but little did the notorious senju brother's know that the jounin was an Uchiha spy. The mission ended up with his brothers being killed and him surviving with his youngest brother dying in his arms. To him, Kaol, war was a petty thing, and because of war he had lost everything, his brothers the most treasured people in his life died. And once more he was left to change and adapt to a serious situation. Now, as a Jounin of Kusagakure Kaol had succeeded in becoming his own person, refusing to give up and taking most missions, his father still lived as a strong shinobi but ultimately slowed after the death of two of his sons. Kaol thrives on helping younger shinobi live and training them is his passion.
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Kaol Senju Grace Complete
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