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 Tōkotsu, Ginko [Done]

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PostSubject: Tōkotsu, Ginko [Done]   Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:42 pm

Character Template
Tōkotsu, Ginko

Name: Ginko Tōkotsu (Silver Skull)
Title: N/A
Clan: N/A
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 177.8cm - (5'10")
Weight: 80.74kg - (178 lbs)

Village: Amegakure
Rank: Chunin
Primary Element: - Lightning
Secondary Element: - Earth

Appearance: From top to bottom, Ginko can be seen as a somewhat slim individual. While he's got a thickness to him from muscle and the training involved in handling weaponry, that's about all he has. Now, he's not anorexic, but he's not massive. What you could imagine is somewhere in the middle, something that's above average by being average. Does that make any sense? Not much, but you know the size. It's the one most of us are looking for at the end of the day so we don't have an awkwardly small or hulking character.

Ginko has a head of straight silver hair, earning him the nickname he gained from his father that worked conveniently well with their surname. Being the 'Silver Skull' for the pigments on his head. Ginko keeps his hair swept back and at medium length to the top and front of his head, with it being adequately trimmed to come down on the back. You could say it looks like a swept business cut of the modern day, to break the fourth wall a bit, while still being a bit messy on top. Think Jugo's hair if he actually did something with it. His eyebrows and facial hair also maintain this color, but Ginko is well shaved, so you wouldn't know this right off the bat.

His skin tone is quite pale, a considerable pale that would match that of someone living in Amegakure. The constant cloudiness that would cause a look worthy of someone who spent all of their time inside, festering in the dark like some sort of vampire. It's a tone that Ginko quite enjoys and doesn't plan on changing too much, as he doesn't tan easily when he is in the sun. His eyes are a bright teal, adding to the shine that comes along with having his rather bright hair and complexion.

As for Ginko's actual attire, he is adorned with a plain black t-shirt topped with a black, sleeveless flak jacket. The flak jacket comes with shoulder pads, both sides donning the headband logo of Amegakure. Black sweatpants and black sandals accessorize his outfit, along with his ninja tool pouch resting on his left buttock. Upon his right thigh is another pouch for the teabags that he carries around with him. It is sealed tight as to prevent any from falling out. This small pouch also contains his pen, notebook, flint, and steel. The notebook itself is rather small, since Ginko doesn't have the attention span to write more than short tales.

On Ginko's back are two magnetic sheaths, each for holding his sword and his pot. While he doesn't actually use his pot for combat, it's held tightly to his body through the polar bond so that he won't lose it in combat. Both weapons have to be pulled a certain way in order to be released from his person, making them very difficult to be stolen mid-combat. His sword's hilt rests to the right, making it easy for Ginko to reach up with his left hand and equip it at any time.

Upon his left hand is a silver ring, resting on his middle finger. It has the kanji for 'Trust' (信頼) is engraved on it. He wears his black Amegakure headband on his forehead.

Personality: Ginko is mostly a carefree and laid back individual. Some could even describe him as lazy, but he's more of a hard worker than they think when the time is right. Or rather, he spends most of his time doing work when he's alone, rather than trying to be boastful or a show-off to others. More or less, you could say that Ginko is quiet and introverted. He's almost always in his thoughts, and when he isn't he's politely listening to someone else speak before sharing his own thoughts or opinions.

Whenever he does speak, Ginko goes out of his way to make sure he doesn't say anything self-incriminating and sticks to the facts. He likes to keep as many people as possible as neutral with him, and if not that, an acquaintance or a friend. Enemies are something that Ginko doesn't like much, and it will almost always bother him if he can't resolve a relationship with someone who doesn't like him. He won't go out of his way to change himself, but he will at the very least apologize, and seek for the other person to acknowledge his apology before putting the issue aside.

Friends are something important to him, things that he would like to keep and hold on to. While he already doesn't have much besides his father Atsui to converse with, he enjoys the occasional stranger saying hello and offering brief conversation. Being a ninja, he does have to work with people, but it seems as though none of thing stick around long enough to form a bond. Part of Ginko's aspirations is to become liked by a group of people, and to one day lead that group to something better. An example could be starting his own organization, or even a small village.

As for his past times, unless he is doing the little bit of training he does, he's not one to be extremely active. Sparring is fun, but it's not at the top of his list. Ginko enjoys tasting new beverages, practicing cooking, or writing what he can think up. Always, he enjoys something sad when it comes to writing. Pulling at the reader's emotions, and sometimes even his own, is something he wants to excel at. However, his recent attempts at writing have proven to be nothing short of procrastination. Starting a project and forgetting about it is certainly a bad habit that is forming. But he's working to change that aspect of his life.

As for when it comes to combat, Ginko is an observant aggressor, often times allowing his opponents to make their moves and responding with on-the-go strategies that will exploit any visible weaknesses. He can remain calm in almost any situation, making him perfect as an on-field strategist. A high intellect is also a bonus here, as he has already been able to successfully use several powerful techniques of both elements even at Chunin rank.

Hobbies: Ginko enjoys a narrow variety of techniques, often times solitary things that he can do by himself. Since he was never much of a people person, he enjoys practicing his skill at cooking, sometimes writes short stories, and tastes teas and coffees. One of his favorite past times is to sit under a thick-leaved tree or other form of canopy and listen to the falling rain.

Quirks/Habits: Often times, if Ginko is bored or has a little too much energy, you can find him shaking his leg profusely. He'll also find something 'fun' to flip on occasion, doing so until he drops it and then swearing he won't do it again - only to repeat it after a few minutes.

If Ginko is stressed, he'll press his thumb to each of his fingertips continuously on one or both hands. It's known as an ancient mudra for reliving tension, allowing him to think more clearly in dire, or dreadfully boring, situations.


- Hot meals, such as soup, stew, or gumbo.
- Hot sauce.
- Green Tea
- Earl Grey Tea
- Coffee
- Tender meat.
- Salami
- Pepperoni
- Ham
- A sad story.
- A tragic ending.
- The idea of being followed by people who trust and like you.


- Steak
- When his food gets cold before he can eat it.
- Dropping things.
- Pomegranate
- Cliffs
- Falling
- Being late.
- Making enemies.
- Being disliked.


Kunai (∞)
Ninja Wire (∞)
Fuma Shuriken (x1)
Sword (x1) - Ginko's sword is approximately 4'6" in length, and 8.83" in width. The blade has a special curve that begins at the guard and goes on to the tip of the blade, only having a very slight and delicate turn in the blade, making it ideal for cutting rather than impaling. However, it could be used in such a way, given the opportunity. The blade itself is a dark steel gray with the cutting edge being more of a polished aluminum color. On the side opposite of cutting, the blade planes to be about 0.5" thick, making it ideal for blunt strikes and smashing. The hilt is about 10" in length, allowing for a firm grip with one or two hands.

Non-Combat Items:

Pen x1 (∞)
Notebook x1 (∞)
16 oz. Pot x1 (∞)
Flint & Steel x1 (∞)
Pouch of Teabags x1 (∞)


(Academy Techniques by default)


Last edited by Ginko on Tue Mar 12, 2013 9:39 pm; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Tōkotsu, Ginko [Done]   Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:06 pm

Shadow clone is a B rank tech, and you're a chunin. I thought we agreed that higher techs needed to be taught by a sensei.

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Village : Rain
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PostSubject: Re: Tōkotsu, Ginko [Done]   Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:07 pm

Devin, A Chunin is a B-Rank ninja.. Genin highest = C, Chunin highest = B, Jounin highest = A

I thought you knew this. xD

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Village : Snow
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PostSubject: Re: Tōkotsu, Ginko [Done]   Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:11 pm

Yea I did.. but since we have experienced ninja and what not I thought that would change the way things. But that's fine. Approved

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PostSubject: Re: Tōkotsu, Ginko [Done]   

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Tōkotsu, Ginko [Done]
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