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 A Guide to Ranks

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PostSubject: A Guide to Ranks   Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:52 pm

Ranking Up

Here on Naruto Crossroads, ranking up is done a bit differently than your traditional Naruto site. Don't worry, we're not too far from normal, but here's our options for raising your title, and what you can achieve:

The Lists

In a village:

Kage-Assigned ANBU-Equivalent


C-Rank Missing Ninja
B-Rank Missing Ninja
A-Rank Missing Ninja
S-Rank Missing Ninja


The ANBU equivalent rank is something specific to each village, and isn't something to provide any major bonuses to your character. Reaching such a title may earn you some respect based on the group policies, but it is overall an optional role to fulfill.

As for the rest of the ranks, they are the essential titles of what you may achieve. Remember that these title ranks do not have anything to do with your chakra levels, as they are handled in a separate system. However, receiving one of these ranks can cause your chakra level to go up by one. More details on this is covered in the Chakra Levels topic.


Ranking Up

There are a few ways to go about increasing your rank, and here are your options:

1) The Chunin Exams - This is how you get past your Genin level, or at least, the main way to do so. Chunin exams are held every so often when enough of them are present to participate. Sometimes, villages might even make a temporary truce to bring about such an event and allow their worlds to move forward from conflict - even if they're just adding fodder to the frontline.

2) Missions - These play a big role in how a lot of things are achieved here at Naruto Crossroads. It's how you earn ryo, an option for increasing your chakra levels, and by doing enough, even increasing your rank. Performing excellently on numerous missions of varying rank and racking up your number of completed missions can earn you the respect and experience you need to raise a rank. Most ninja don't make it past Jounin, and live to their peak potential as a Chunin. That's something you can work on changing.

There is no set amount of missions for increasing your rank. What you've done may be moderated and if deemed enough, you may be granted your rank. You should certainly check up with your sensei or Kage for these kind of things so that you can be receive review or instruction on what to do next.

3) ANBU Groups - Each village has their own special forces set up by their Kage. While these ANBU-esque soldiers do not go past the level of a Jounin, they have certainly shown enough skill to be above Chunin. These ninja are often assigned to special groups, for special sets of skills in order to complete certain strategic tasks. If you find yourself participating in one of these, consider yourself lucky to have been chosen.

4) Special Events - While it won't be a too common thing to find an opportunity in site events for you to level up, it's a definite opportunity and may happen at some point. Always be on the lookout for new things to improve your character.

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A Guide to Ranks
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