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 A Guide to Chakra Levels

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PostSubject: A Guide to Chakra Levels   Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:50 pm

Chakra Levels

Here at Naruto Crossroads, we have a bit of a complex, but friendly chakra system that'll give you some great goals to work towards in your RP career. As a new member, you'll be starting your journey at the bottom of the proverbial list, but with wit and effort you can make your way to the top! Let's take a brief look at the list in its entirety, and dissect each level for what it offers you, and how to achieve it.

Level 1: Inexperienced Genin
Level 2: Genin
Level 3: Experienced Genin
Level 4: Chunin
Level 5: Experienced Chunin
Level 6: ANBU
Level 7: Jounin
Level 8: Experienced Jounin
Level 9: Kage
Level 10: Legendary Shinobi
Level 11: Bijuu
Level 12: 'God of Shinobi'

Now that we know the full list, let's see each part.

Level One - The Inexperienced Genin

This is where you, as a member starting here on the site, will begin your journey. You're a genin who has either just gotten out, or has recently emerged from the ninja academy of your village. Starting fresh with a few techniques, you begin the long trek to becoming legendary! As an inexperienced genin, chakra control is something far from your full grasp. Using even low ranking techniques can be quite costly for you, but with a bit of work and some training, you can reach the state of an average genin.

At this level, the fastest way to raise your chakra level is to do missions which will exert you and cost what little chakra you have. Sparring with other genin is also ideal, but you'll need to do more than that to reach a higher state. A few missions is generally all it takes.

Level Two - The Genin

Now you've reached your basic potential as a new ninja. You're now capable of using a C-Rank technique a few more times than you were before, but there's not a huge increase in your chakra pool. However, there are still opportunities to make your capacity grow even further. Working yourself in excess and going out of your way to make yourself a powerful ninja, even this early in your ninja life, can lead to many fruitful rewards. If you are capable of defeating a Chunin in battle, not just a spar, but a battle where both parties are fully drained or nearly so, without death as this could spark political issues, you may find your way to becoming a Experienced Genin.

Level Three - The Experienced Genin

So you've proved yourself by defeating a Chunin or higher rank in battle legitimately. Your chakra pool has risen a considerable amount for the stage you're at in your shinobi life, and you can expend your chakra a bit more freely with your techniques. You've finally reached the point where, by training specifically with your Sensei, you can now learn and use B-Rank techniques. But the strain will be very apparent, as it will take on your reserves very noticeably if you're attempting to use them as your main techniques. Balance is key here as your power continues to grow.

Level Four - The Chunin

You've passed the Chunin Exams, excelled at missions and earned this rank, or performed another possible stunt capable of granting a rise in chakra or promotion. Congratulations on being on your way to grand success. You're not a kid anymore, you're a full fledged ninja, capable of maintaining some more powerful techniques. Now you can even create custom B-Ranked jutsu, and handle their chakra cost more effectively. Becoming the brunt of a villages shinobi forces is a lifetime achievement for most ninja, but there's still more rewards to be reaped. Defeat a Jounin level character in battle, or continue your career as you complete more difficult missions and find your way to the next rank in chakra.

Level Five - The Experienced Chunin

You've defeated the man of all men, the one who is supposed to be one of the most powerful in your village next to your leader: a Jounin. If not, you've certainly done something to earn yourself the title of an Experienced Chunin. Now, at this level, your capacity has once again raised, and by now you're sure to have improved your chakra control. Using B-Ranked techniques has become more commonplace to you, and your arsenal of C-Ranks are now your main weapons instead of the things you've learned as a kid. While everything maintains its usefulness, you're something to be admired. Keep striving, however, as you're not done yet.

Level Six - The ANBU

Now, this is a rather special place inbetween Chunin and Jounin. You won't be earning this level by ranking up, as it can only be assigned when recruited into a special forces of your village. Every village has its own sort of 'ANBU' group, where the basic military man becomes the hidden elite. However, you're not top dog just yet. Reaching this level will allow you access to A-Rank techniques, but you won't be able to get away with using one more than a couple times in a battle without overexerting yourself. This is when you're placed on a team of skilled men to do a single job - not just to be a one-man powerhouse.

Level Seven - The Jounin

This is the place to be in your life. It's often rare for a ninja to reach this sort of power in the shinobi world, as this is the stuff that makes legends and progresses them even further. You're making yourself a spot in history when you've reached the jounin level. There's no test to take to reach Jounin, and it's not just a position that your Kage can hand out to you. Reaching this chakra level requires a lot of hard work, the completion of many missions, and to truly prove yourself to others. Become something amazing, and maybe you'll just go a bit further. At Jounin, A-Rank techniques are a bit more common to you, and you can pull off a good three or four a day depending on their chakra costs.

Level Eight - The Experienced Jounin

Often times, reaching this level is something you'll only do if you've defeated a Kage-level opponent, be it your current Kage or a powerful enemy ninja on the battlefield. In rare occasions, doing enough high level missions can get you here, but you're certainly need to gain all the experience you can get from each and every second of your worldly adventures. A-Rank techniques are now a part of your main combat strategies, as you can pull off a good five or six, and perhaps even seven or eight depending on their chakra consumption levels. By training with your Kage, or being a Kage at this level, will grant you access to S-Rank techniques. However, even a single one may cost you most of your chakra pool. Be careful what you learn.

Level Nine - The Kage

You're now as strong as one of the legendary Kages who once ruled the former five ninja powers. They're still around today, and they've continued to get better and better. Seeing you now, many ninja may admire you, or if you're on the dark side, despise you. Fame and infamy are what things would be about, not just gaining more power, at this level. If a ninja was lucky enough to reach the power of a Kage, that was probably the peak of their entire life. Very rarely did anyone surpass such great skill and technique. C-Rank techniques are now like taking pocket change from your reservoir, and you'll find yourself using B-Rank techniques as the more frontal assaults in your arsenal. A-Rank techniques come commonly to you, but they're still costly if used haphazardly. At the S-Rank level of Kage, your ability to use such techniques has increased as well, showing that you'd be lucky to pull off a couple with chakra to spare for weaker techniques. Plan strategically, and execute your actions with more than a little caution.

Level Ten - The Legendary Shinobi

You've actually surpassed the level of Kage. At this point, you've engraved yourself into the history of the ninja world. Many people will know you for the power that you have and all the things that you have accomplished, be they for good or evil. Whatever you may have done to succeed to this level, perhaps if it had been completing numerous S-Rank missions, wiping out many in a war, or holding your own against a Bijuu, you've certainly risen to the point of improbability. B-Rank techniques are nothing for you, A-Ranks become even less of a hassle, and S-Ranks come only slightly more. You're a guy like Hiruzen in his prime, who has spent his life mastering his arts, and making a name for himself. Power is now in your grasp, instead of being out of reach, as it was all those years ago. Could you possibly go any further?

Level Eleven - The Bijuu

Doing the impossible, you've gone beyond legendary. You're now about as powerful as a Bijuu chakra-wise. It's as if you've denied the laws of physics and bended the fourth wall to your very will with the new power you behold. The kind of achievement necessary for this kind of chakra level is unknown to the world, and getting it is simply lucky. All techniques are now available to you, and it's quite a shock what you can do. The world is at your fingertips.

Level Twelve - The God of Shinobi

This is the place where we think about people like Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju. The one man who could use Wood Release, and the master of the Sharingan. Hashirama himself was dubbed the 'God of Shinobi', and Madara was right up there with him, even if he wasn't given the specific title itself. These men are truly gods, and nobody quite knows their secrets to power. If you've figured it out, it seems as though nobody can stand in your way. There can only be one God of Shinobi, and it's you. Make sure it stays that way.


To put it simply, there are four ways to rank up your Chakra Level:

1) Attaining a Title Rank. Otherwise, going from Genin to Chunin. Doing this will automatically raise your Chakra Level by one, except for ANBU, which will (if you're at Experienced Chunin) immediately go to Jounin, or if you're at Chunin, to Experienced Chunin. This applies to all other ranks as well.

This sort of rankup can only be achieved with the four main ranks: Genin, Chunin, Jounin, and Kage. Additional fields, excluding ANBU as this is a different level in itself, must be gained through other means. Kage is the highest Title Rank you can achieve, or being on a 'Kage level', if you are a missing ninja.

2) Performing excellently on many missions and exerting yourself to increase your chakra capacity. If we take a look at some of the famous ninja of history, they've completed not just tens, but hundreds of missions in their lifetimes. While this is a bit difficult for you members to achieve, doing a reasonable amount of missions will earn you a higher chakra pool as you continue to prove yourself in the world and in combat. There is no set amount of missions for reaching a new chakra level, but your progress may be moderated, and you can be rewarded if your work is deemed to be enough.

3) Combat experience. This is where the levels of 'Experienced ____' come in. When you've successfully defeated someone of a higher rank, or in a Jounin's exception, several characters of your same rank, it's possible for you to gain the 'Experienced' chakra level. This is where you gain the somewhat minor bonuses of experience, letting you do more than those of your rank by all the things you've done.

Killing is not an encouraged action unless you are at war or are in a dire situation where death is called for. Most ninja simply end a fight in defeat and allow their enemies to grow stronger. This has even led into gaining great friends or even rivals who continue to clash and grow in time. However, with your country being in a state of war, and being able to prove yourself by downing many enemies of a same or greater rank may also earn you these chakra level ups. However, mass killing isn't going to guarantee you a level, and defeating or killing those of a lesser rank will not get you a level.

4) Special events or other activities that may possibly reward a chakra level. This isn't going to be a common thing, but it's certainly a possibility. Make sure you take your chance when you can.


Notes: If you've yet to notice, we don't have a percentage or point system for chakra here on Naruto Crossroads. Instead, we're putting a bit of trust in our members to follow the guidelines put above. There are hints in each section for what you should be able to use and how much, as well as our 'Chakra Consumption' fields on each technique on the site. Your battle activity may be moderated at any time, and if we feel you're getting out of hand, we hold the right to correct you or void your posts. Think carefully on how much it takes to exhaust yourself. Nobody can get away with spamming too many techniques.

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A Guide to Chakra Levels
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