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 Roleplaying Tips (For new players.)

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PostSubject: Roleplaying Tips (For new players.)   Mon Jul 25, 2011 3:40 pm

~Newbies Guide To RPing~

For those of you that are new to roleplaying, I shall tell you what roleplaying is. Simply put, it is writing. You create a character in character registration forum, copying and pasting the character template and following the rules, then if a moderator/administrator finds your application swell, you will be approved, assigned to a group, and allowed to RP.

This is a Naruto roleplay. If you are reading this, you probably just finished reading/watching Naruto and thought it would be a cool game if there was one and did a quick search on the internet or was introduced to by a friend and etc. You write here what you say in third person perspective. You describe your surroundings, what you do, and what you look like.

Now, if you are RPing with someone else you cannot go:

NewGuy1 walks up to NewGuy2 and blows his brains out with a gun.

No, that is not allowed. In the first place, there are no guns on this site. Second of all, NewGuy2 has to have a chance to dodge. Not to mention a longer post would be more appreciated.

For example:

Newbie walked the dirt path through the forest. Birds chirping in the air, animals hiding in the shadows of the woods from the strange lurker. Of course they rarely traveled on this merchant path for fear of being food of the next wanderer that traveled through here. Newbie was planning on visiting his girlfriend in a small village, and her sister. Then he was planning on visiting his other girlfriend in the village next to it.

Not exactly the greatest post, but that's an example of how much we would like to see you post. 5 lines at least.

Now you know the basics of RPing.

Okay, since this is Naruto RP you think you can jump high and all that and be invincible. No. If you jump off a mountain that's 2,000 feet high and land head first into a pile of rocks, you still die. Unless you use a jutsu to avoid that. For more information about Nartuo Caelum, read our systems.

I hope your stay may be enjoyable.

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Roleplaying Tips (For new players.)
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