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 Things NOT to do. (AKA Basic Rules)

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PostSubject: Things NOT to do. (AKA Basic Rules)   Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:01 am

The Basics

1 - Respect

Here at Naruto Crossroads, it's important to all of our users to maintain a respectful environment. This means that there will be a no tolerance rule for disrespect - whether it be to our staff, our fellow users, or even ourselves. This especially applies to the chat box. If you're found to be unable to maintain a decent level of respect, you can be kicked, or if the issue persists, banned either temporarily or permanently from the chat box.

If you are unable to have respect while posting anywhere on the forums, other punishments will be put into place.

2 - Hate

The term 'hate' can be used to cover a lot of different topics. The ones we're focusing on are discrimination, harassment, racism, and all other unnecessary, offensive acts. On Naruto Crossroads, we're all here to get along and have a good time doing what we do best: roleplay Naruto. If you're unable to hold your feelings away from your fingers, you don't need to be spending time with others until you've cooled off.

3 - Godmodding

While it won't be touched upon in full here, we all know what this means. Godmodding isn't fair for the people who it's being used against, and we all know that it doesn't end in a fun situation for either participant. You are all capable of cognitive thought - think far enough ahead to assess your actions and what they might bring to you and others. Godmodding is enough of an issue that it can get you banned.

4 - Metagaming

Metagaming is a very serious issue here on Naruto Crossroads. We can't stress enough the fact that the things you know OOC (Out Of Character) are NOT what you know IC (In Character). If you happen to figure out what your enemy is doing, that does not mean your character magically learned that he shouldn't step in this direction or that he has this sudden mysterious urge to backflip out of the way. Keep your brain and your character's brain separated, so that all fights may be fair. It's okay to take a hit. Not all of them are going to kill you.

5 - Instant Kills and Auto-Hits

Nobody likes the guy whose every technique is one that can kill the victim on the spot. Killing another ninja has been shown again and again to be a very difficult task in the world of Naruto, as all the bright minds of the world gather on a battlefield and attempt to outwit their opponent. Unless it is of S-Rank nature, or a rather complex A-Rank, you should not have any techniques that are capable of killing in one hit. Be fair to others. You are not a god, you're not the almighty hero of the universe. Don't try to act like one and state that every hit kills the opponent.

6 - To Kill or not to Kill

All of our characters have feelings. Some people forget this as they roleplay in the world, and treat their characters like emotionless sociopaths that can go on bouts of massacre without a second thought. Almost every fight we witness ends in the death of the other character. There are no draws, there are no 'defeats'. Here on Naruto Crossroads, we can't stress enough the fact that you don't have to kill someone to be the victor of a battle. It's perfectly okay to beat them until they are unconscious, and leave their body in a fleshy heap upon the ground. There are many ways to prove dominance, and slitting a throat or obliterating a corpse are not the only ones.

Form connections with your enemies. You might just make a rival, and get to fight them again. You might just make a friend, or earn someone onto your cause. Maybe whoever decided to walk in your path will stay home next time. Maybe you'll feel like a better person.

7 - Templates & Staff Approvals

Whenever you're creating something new for your character here on Naruto Crossroads, remember that patience is a wonderful virtue to have. If you get denied, do not get upset. Instead, take what the Staff member said into account, and try to apply it to your own work. If you honestly feel offended, you may contact staff and attempt to remedy the issue. Otherwise, it's okay to try and get along without throwing a temper tantrum.

Follow the templates to the tee, and it's most likely that there will be no misunderstandings.

8 - Explicit Roleplaying

While we do allow gore here, having as bloody a death as you like, we do not allow explicit roleplaying involving intercourse or any sexual activities. If you find yourself in an explicit situation in-character, be polite to the rest of the forum and take your experience to Private Messages, or another form of communication like a Messenger. It is not to be done here on the forum, with no exceptions.

While direct sex is not allowed, it IS okay to be sensual. This means soft - kissing, feeling. But nothing beyond this in character. It's even a forumotion rule that explicit content not be posted, so we're being lenient for you.

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Things NOT to do. (AKA Basic Rules)
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